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Radiology Billing Services

Vee Bill offers radiation oncology billing and AR management to radiation oncologists and cancer treatment facilities. The company provides a full radiology billing services solution that uses the most recent billing technology, personalized customer service, and state-of-the-art code training for its staff.

Vee Bill's radiology billing services has a team of coders, A/R managers, accountants, radiology practice managers, and data processors who work collectively with physicians and hospital staff to ensure that each charge is captured and billed accurately and on-time. The company continuously monitors and updates its collection protocols to keep pace with the shifting regulatory conditions. Its plays a crucial role in contract negotiations (hospital and third-party payers) to protect its client’s interests and ensure a healthy bottom-line.

Vee Bill's Radiology Medical Billing Services include:

  • Third party billing for both professional and technical charges.
  • Accounts receivables management.
  • Entry of charges and patient demographics submitted to the company on paper or electronically.
  • Monthly patient statements.
  • Payment posting.
  • Electronic data interchange including electronic claims submission and electronic payment posting (when available by insurance).
  • Electronic funds transfer.
  • Customizable reports.

Benefits of outsourcing Radiology Billing to Vee Bill:

  • Vee Bill is backed by several years of experience in Medical Billing services.
  • It has the most up-to-date sophisticated web-based computer systems specifically designed for billing and collections.
  • Its computer software has built in edits to ensure clean claims.
  • It has AAPC-certified medical coders on staff.
  • Vee Bill is HIPAA compliant.
  • It provides its clients with monthly reports specific to their practice.
  • It has the ability to retrieve the required reports and demographic data from the hospitals or outpatients computer system.
  • Vee Bill sends electronic bills to all entities capable of receiving electronic data.
  • It ensures all charges are captured and verified by comparing to daily logs.
  • It reviews all claims to ensure payment with first submission.
  • Vee Bill confirms receipt of all electronic claims and produces error reports to identify claims that are incomplete.
  • It corrects claims immediately and resubmits them for processing.
  • Vee Bill scans all demographic data, charge and payment data, and other correspondence into the system to help in efficient follow-up thereby creating a paperless system.
  • It implements strong denial management systems so issues are resolved and claims re-billed promptly.
  • It reviews all denied claims.
  • Vee Bill provides informative management reports that can be tailored to the client’s individual needs.

Vee Bill automates healthcare coding, garnering accurate billing codes from radiology reports, extracting key clinical information and streamlining the coding process. It aims to maximize reimbursements for the clients while enhancing their efficiency and decreasing denials and accounts receivables. The company manages the business side of medicine, so the clients can fully concentrate on their patients. Radiologists today face many pressures in the healthcare environment, including managed care, decreasing reimbursement, compliance, and increasing costs.

Vee Bill’s radiology billing services team understands how difficult it is to practice radiology and manage the business operations of the practice. Its management professionals have years of radiology billing services and accounts receivable management experience to effectively supervise the daily operations of the clients practice.

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