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Internal Medicine Medical Billing Services

Internal medicine can be defined as the comprehensive care of adolescents and adults of all ages. It includes primary and specialty care. Internal medicine deals with the diagnosis and the non-surgical treatment of diseases of the internal organs. Internal medicine medical billing services primarily include the submission and follow up of medical claims.

VeeBill's Medical Billing Services are provided to physicians and groups specializing in internal medicine. Keeping in mind the unique nature of each provider and/or practice, VeeBill can customize its Internal Medicine Medical Billing Services to cater to the individual requirements of the clients. VeeBill has the ability to remotely access the client's current database, network its software with the client's office, or have the client's information scanned to them.

Why VeeBill Internal Medicine Healthcare Billing?

  • Using VeeBill's services could lead to increased cash flows.
  • Accurate and judicious billing.
  • Comprehensive documentation cuts down billing errors and insurance reconciliations.
  • Increased patient satisfaction.
  • Savings on overheads and in-house training.

VeeBill's Internal Medicine Billing Services:

  • Data entry - VeeBill obtains information from the provider and/or practice and enters this information into their database.
  • Statements - VeeBill mails out statements as per the practice or facility. The procedure of statements and collections are done in line with the client's specifications.
  • Payments - VeeBill posts details of payments and explanations of benefits in to its database. Each EOB is audited for correct payment and/or benefits.
  • Appeals - if a payment or denial has been made incorrectly, VeeBill challenges the insurance companies to receive the correct reimbursement for you.
  • Reports - are done on a monthly basis or can be customized as per the client's requirements.

VeeBill's Internal Medicine Medical Billing Services Include:

  • Patient demographics, entry, and verification
  • Charge entry
  • Electronic filing of primary and secondary claims
  • Posting of insurance and patient payments
  • Denial management
  • A/R review
  • Tracking cash flow
  • Full account management with practice analysis
  • Full patient statement billing
  • In-house collections
  • Insurance verifications and authorization
  • Follow-up on claims

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