Vee Bill offers Medical Billing Services, Medical Coding Services, and Medical Transcription Outsourcing Solutions Which Medical Billing Solutions Are Right For Your Company?

Outsource Medical Billing Services to Vee Bill

Vee Bill is the healthcare and health plans processing arm of Vee Technologies offering HIPAA Medical Billing and total healthcare back office solutions. Vee Bill has dedicated healthcare experts who have niche focus in the healthcare sector, having several years of domain experience. Vee offer services to individual physician offices, family practices, clinics, hospitals, and billing companies. An unique advantage that Vee offers is a seemingly inexhaustible talent pool from the educational institutions that the Sona Valliappa Group manages (known as the Sona College group)

VeeBill's experience in working with US hospitals and clinics has enabled it to offer an end-to-end solution in the healthcare space. With a Team of 1200+ employees, Vee Bill is uniquely positioned to offer twin benefits of cost and quality. Vee's state-of-the-art facility along with the latest technology is applied in every process with the assurance of deriving efficiencies and reducing cost offering a HIPAA-compliant service.

A forerunner in the healthcare back office processing space, Vee established its operations in 2000, well before HIPAA came into place. Being aware that the HIPAA act was coming in a few years, Vee Security, Human Resources, IT, and other processes are all built aligning towards HIPAA requirements. HIPAA is so well entrenched that it is in the DNA of Vee Technologies.

Our business objective is to derive efficiencies and reduce costs, improve quality and have quicker turnaround times. Vee Bill specializes in the healthcare back office outsourcing area and offers Medical Billing services & Medical Coding services and offers a total solution which focuses on every aspect of the medical billing / patient cycle.

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