The various levels of security being implemented at Vee Bill are:

Physical Security

  • Access control
  • Identity cards
  • CCTV monitoring
  • Screening with metal detectors
  • Two-tier guard systems 24x7

System Security

  • VPN
  • Decryption
  • Encryption
  • Firewall
  • High-end password protection
  • Use of floppy/CD drives and USB drives are not permitted on the production floor
  • No internet connectivity in production floor
  • Staff working on IPLC (direct private leased lines) are not allowed to carry any bag, paper or book on the production floor

Personnel Security

  • Employee reference checks
  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)

3 Levels of Zoning Security

  • General
  • Processing
  • Server and restricted access

Vee Bill also follows standards set by HIPAA strictly. We have been HIPAA compliant since 1999.

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