1. What kind of processes can I look to outsource?

Ans: We provide differentiated services covering the entire spectrum of Healthcare and Revenue cycle Management. If you are a Physician group, Hospital, or Medical billing company trying to reduce your denial ratio and improve your collection percentage, Vee will help you in increasing the revenue turnover significantly and simultaneously reduce your AR buckets.

2. What do I stand to gain by doing so?

Ans: Vee guarantees you enhanced revenue and reduced AR days once you outsource your receivables to us. Moreover, outsourcing gives you the capability to reduce your onshore cost with minimal demand on your time. It will help you mirror the changes in your business and helps you to concentrate more on your existing and future clients. Vee guarantees you improved quality and significant reduction in costs.

3. Will I lose control on these processes?

Ans: Vee has a transparent workflow which will be an extension of the onshore business with a strong onsite business development/client services management team. The reporting structure is modeled in accordance with the SLA's with proactiveness which will keep you up to date with full control over your processes.

4. How secure is my data?

Ans: Vee is an ISO 27001:2013 certified organization which ensures maximum security with the use of 113 controls points which helps keep client data secure at all times.

5. Will service delivery deteriorate if I outsource?

Ans: On the contrary, you will have the services even more enhanced from your current situation, post outsourcing. Vee is filled with graduates and post graduates who are very knowledgeable about the field and its frequent updates. We are also ISO 9001:2015 certified with the usage of Six Sigma methodology.

6. What does it take to outsource my process?

Ans: With Vee you will find the easiest way of transitioning to any kind of process. For smaller businesses, we will have the whole process transitioned within a span of a couple of weeks. For larger/complex businesses, we will have a manager visit onsite and transition the whole process within a span of a few months, including delegating the process manuals, a few web-based training sessions, and SLA's that are derived in accordance with the client requirements.

7. Do I have to change my software?

Ans: Not at all as Vee has up to date knowledge of most of the softwares which are used for revenue cycle management. Even if there are new softwares used for your particular RCM, the team will undergo training with one of the experts in it and start the process within a few days.

8. How is continuity of service ensured?

Ans: Vee has multiple facilities within India and also in the US. If any problems arise, Vee can easily manage the work within the different locations and have your process completed without any flaws.

9. What size of business do you deal with?

Ans: The size of the business doesn't matter when it comes to Vee. Currently we are handling all kinds of businesses from $500,000.00 billing per month to nearly $8,000,000.00 billing per month.

10. How is the quality in Vee?

Ans: Vee has the best team in the industry and quality is the reason why more clients choose Vee. There are instances where clients have referred other providers to Vee just for the best quality available that is being provided.

11. How do you handle Customer complaints?

Ans: Any complaint or grievance email that is received from the client is treated at high priority and Corrective Action & Preventive Action (CAPA) is placed according to ISO 9001:2015 standards. Training is provided not only to the concerned person who committed the error, but across the whole team.

12. Do you have a PMS and EMR

Ans: Yes, Encite for PMS and Encite Solutions for EHR which provides you a paper free environment and helps you in increasing the flow of revenue.

13. What is your support on ICD10 and HIPPA 5010

Ans: Vee is aware that implementation is going to be a major impact on the revenue management for the clients, the Coders and billers are already under preparation for implementation of ICD 10 and HIPPA 5010.

14. Do you have certified billers and coders

Ans: Vee has the best in industry that are certified by AAPC and AAHAM. We have coders who are certified in both Physician Coding (CPC-P) and Facilities (CPC-H). Billers are certified in both CPAT & CCAT by AAHAM.

15. What is the learning curve for any new business?

Ans: Vee is clearly aware of the nuances of any process. The learning curve for any new business is less than 2 weeks of time within which all the specifications of the process are taken care of.

16. Are your coders ready for ICD10 Coding?

Ans: Yes, there is a training program provided to all the coders in accordance with the new ICD 10 Implementation.

17. Do I need to spend anything for transitioning the new business

Ans: No, there is no need of spending any money or manpower for this purpose. Vee will have a transition manager visit onsite and transition all the information to the offshore team.

18. Do you have a US Presence? If yes, where?

Ans: Yes, We have our HQ based in US New York and multiple sales offices across the US at Michigan, Arizona, New York, and Pennsylvania.

19. Where are your clients in the US?

Ans: There are numerous clients situated in US who are associated with Vee. Clients are all over US, especially from New York, Louisiana, New Jersey and Texas.

20.Where are your clients in US

Ans: There are numerous clients situated in US who are associated with Vee. Clients are all over US in New York, Louisiana, New Jersey and Texas.

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