A US healthcare provider enhances revenue generation and improves quality of coding


The client is a leading provider of medical billing, medical coding and consulting services in Media, PA. Since the last 16 years. The client signed up a new contract with physician groups for medical coding services using CPT, HCPCS level II and ICD-9 CM coding systems. The modality was online radiology coding with backlogs as much as 6-8 months. Processing of these claims and coding was being done by the company's internal team. The client’s team found it extremely difficult to be abreast with the increasing volume of the backlog, taking into count that approximately more than 1500 charts were being added each day.


  • Increased workload to be abreast with both the backlog and current dates of service.
  • Shorter TAT for getting the charts ready for billing.
  • Limited QC resources.
  • Deteriorating accuracy levels.
  • Workforce ramp-up at the client’s office leading to higher costs.

Veebill's Solution:

  • Veebill's AHIMA and AAPC certified team takes charge of the processes and focused on operational efficiencies to minimize TAT for the charts.
  • A round the clock operations center leading to a catching up on the backlog.
  • University enabled BPO allowed flexibility with staffing allowing more coders to be assigned on this project.
  • Quality initiatives focused on continuous improvement and reducing error rates drastically.
  • Daily/Weekly reporting to client with comprehensive dashboards with value added statistical analysis.

Results to the client:

  • Veebill's team completed coding of approximately 42000 reports in a span of 22 days which helped the client not only catch up with the backlog but also with the current Date of Service.
  • Added capacity created at the client’s end, helping the client for faster business growth, without adding to the cost.
  • Shortened TAT for generating clean ‘first time right submission’ claims.
  • The client’s revenues improved on an ongoing basis.
  • Veebill’s nimble and flexible coders and working hours ensuring marked increase in productivity numbers.
  • Raised the end physician group’s satisfaction level.