Case Studies

A US healthcare provider enhances revenue generation and improves quality of coding

We have helped a US healthcare provider increase in billed dollar amount for inpatient records by 18% and brought down DNFB days from 13 days to less than 4 days (average). Read more

A US medical billing, coding and consulting services company improved operational efficiency and revenue

We have helped our client with swift coding of 42000 reports. We have not only enabled them catch up with previous backlogs and current date of service but also enhanced overall accuracy levels and improved revenues on an ongoing basis. Read more

A US hospital has increased collection percentage from 11% (previous vendor) to 57%

First, we have helped our client clear billing and coding claims worth $8,000,000.00. In the next phase, we have worked on reimbursement ratio, renegotiated the fee schedules in accordance with the Medicare fee schedule, streamlined verification process, reworked on non-participating insurance for all the previously paid claims and had the claims paid till 90.00% of the billed amounts. Read more