veebill services

VeeBill Team

Handover your medical billing tasks to VeeBill, and you can rest assured that you have placed the task in expert hands.

On-Site Training

Our top management receives on-site training in the US, in order to get hands-on education in the processes, software, standards and procedures applicable to the medical billing services. Their experience is then used to impart knowledge and training to their respective teams in India.

Unlimited Skilled Manpower

VeeBill is part of the Sona Valliappa Group, which owns and runs the Sona College of Engineering, Sona School of Management and the Thiagarajar Polytechnic. With a strength of 5000 students, talent from these educational institutions is readily available for absorption into our training and recruitment processes. This provides VeeBill with a rich resource of trained and highly skilled manpower.

Trained Coding Professionals

Though the outsourcing sphere has a shortage of medical coders, VeeBill is at an advantage here. We have trained several of our graduates in medical coding, consequently giving us a sizable group of highly trained coders in order to provide you specialized services.

The VeeBill Coding staff is proficient in CPT, ICD-9, and HCPCS coding across various specialties, insurance and governmental regulatory requirements, payer-specific coding requirements, and coding software such as ENCODERPRO and CODERITE.

Expert Healthcare Team

The healthcare team is fully trained in regulations pertinent to Medicare, Medicaid, Blue products, managed care, third party liability, workers compensation, Preferred Provider Organizations and indemnity insurers.

Vee will be happy to answer your questions and discuss over a call. Please contact us on 1-866-666-5442 or E-Mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.