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Emergency Room Billing

Vee Bill offers professional and timely emergency room medical billing services for clients including individual physicians, physician groups, multi specialty groups, clinics, free standing diagnostic facilities, long term care facilities, acute care facilities, and hospitals in the U.S. With our team of billing specialists and highly specialized staff, we make every effort possible to simplify all tedious technical billing and follow-up functions.

Our team works as an extension of your practice to efficiently manage your billing and collection requirements, thus allowing you to concentrate more on your patients and management tasks.

Medicare Emergency Room Billing Service Areas

At VeeBill, we offer a full range of emergency room medical billing services including:

We prepare emergency room medical billing claims on the basis of emergency treatment reports and duration of the medical service. All claims are processed in keeping with HIPAA rules and regulations.

Key Features of Our Emergency Room Medical Billing

  • Regular QA checking with readily available reports for the client.
  • Provides you with web based medical billing software, that may or may not be part of a complete EMR system.
  • Flexibility in using medical billing software, we can work with your current billing software or use our own software.
  • Weekly meeting to discuss the progress and go over reports.

Vee will be happy to answer your questions and discuss over a call. Please contact us on 1-866-666-5442 or E-Mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.