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DME Billing

DME Billing is also known as Home Medical Equipment or HME Billing. We will get your DME claims paid, on time, every time. Unlike some service bureaus that started out with physician billing and tried to enter the DME market

How it works?

With most of our staff having experience in a provider's office, we understand the needs of both sides. Our customers find it quite simple to transition from in-house billing to out sourcing or to transition from another billing service to ours.

Here is how it works:

You take the order and make the delivery. You send us the required documentation.

Patient demographics

  • CMN and/or physician's orders delivery ticket
  • WOPD, first month purchase order (when applicable)
  • We review all documentation for completion, accuracy, compliance, qualifications, medical justification.
  • We enter all billable claims and send you a report of all that is not billable.
  • We then perform a final pre-edit before transmitting claims.
  • Claims are transmitted directly to the appropriate Regional Carrier.
  • Within 24 hours we receive confirmation that our claims have reached Medicare.
  • Payment is then sent to your office, but a copy is downloaded to ours for automatic posting to each patient's account.
  • A secondary claim is then generated and submitted for all co-insurance amounts due.
  • Denials and partial pays are worked upon receipt.
  • All claims that are unacknowledged by a payor are followed up on.
  • We send your 10-month letters on all capped rentals.
  • We automatically bill your monthly rental patients until we receive pick-up notification from your office.
  • We invoice once a month for all monies received.
  • It's simple. And like our clients do, you too will experience continual cash flow.

Vee will be happy to answer your questions and discuss over a call. Please contact us on 1-866-666-5442 or E-Mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.