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Charge Description Master (CDM)

Hospital CDMs are analyzed with the help of our technology partner and our expert in-house reimbursement specialists. The system can instantly pinpoint items that need to be updated for regulatory compliance and identify new or revised codes that will increase reimbursement yields.

Coding Alerts: invalid/incorrect HCPC/CPT/Revenue Codes, Fraud and Abuse Alerts

Pricing Analysis: uniform pricing issues and charges that are below OPPS payment rates

CDM Modeling: Companion Code models, CPT department models

Here's how it works. You submit your CDM for review via a password-protected, encrypted Internet VPN. You receive back a comprehensive report that:

  • Shows you how/where to immediately bring your CDM into regulatory compliance.
  • Identifies coding errors that would cause claims to be rejected.
  • Identifies linked (companion) codes that are missing from your CDM.
  • Identifies charges that are below OPPS rates.
  • Shows you how to correct errors so they do not recur.
  • Frees CDM staff from tedious research and compliance responsibilities.

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